Design, Construction, Pumping, Filtration and Maintenance


We can design your water feature and its associated landscape, we also work alongside garden designers, landscape architects and architects.

We see each water feature as a site specific project. A water garden should fit into its landscape sympathetically. If your site will not suit a water feature we will urge you to rethink rather than sell you something which will never look right.

We copy nature and we like to think we improve on it too!

A stream or river is formed by water cutting a route through the soil until it hits rock, which it then has to cascade over and around. So we always make sure it looks like this has happened, by cutting deep into the soil, installing the rock, with either rounded boulders or squarish quartzite and slate which is carefully placed to immitate natural strata.

The waters destination is equally important. The pond must be large enough to accommodate the water from the stream and again it must fit into the landscape sympathetically. Ponds form naturally in the lowest part of the land. Of course this is not always possible to re-create. The position of the pond is usually governed by the existing features of a site, it id often good to position the pond near to a patio by the house so that it can be fully enjoyed. Providing that we can build in the rules of nature wherever possible, the pond will settle well into its position.


Built to last, our water gardens have a life expectancy of 50 years, they are guaranteed for 3 years. We use 1mm Firestone rubber liners which are sandwiched between protective felt.

These are all recycled materials. Beneath the liners is fine sand and above is 10mm of gravel or concrete. All streams and cascades have a layer of concrete on the liner onto which the natural stone is mortared. Excavation is a major part of building a water garden. Soil quadruples in volume when excavated and getting rid of it is often a problem. The best and most environmentally friendly solution is to keep it on site.
Pumping, filtration and maintenance

We usually use submersible pumps which are installed into our unique bio-mechanical filters. Once the correct natural balance is achieved in your pond you will have clean water, algae blooms can occur while the pond is new. We can offer an annual maintenance for you, or just visit every few years when your filter needs cleaning. You should not need to clean the pump for up to three years. It is your responsibilty to net out leaves on a regular basis.

Photo Gallery
Featured Case Study

Buchlivie, Stirlingshire 2004

This natural swimming pool is a real sun trap, enclosed within a beautiful stone wall, over which the water cascades at one point.