About Splash Gordon

Splash Gordon offer a design and build service

for water gardens, water features and natural swimming pools (swimming ponds).
Having established in 1995

with a background in fine art sculpture our finished product has a cutting edge in site specific design, whether the water feature is modern, rustic or completely natural.

We have become highly experienced in the field by concentrating purely on water, rock and its associated landscape.

We also undertake aquatic sculpture commissions.

A water feature is an investment and will add to the value of your property

and lifestyle whether it's at your home or your place of work. Especially a Splash Gordon water garden, built to last and completley unique.

Water enlivens your surroundings

a still lake to reflect, a cascading waterfall or a burbling burn to add the sound of water to your surroundings. Water draws you out into the garden to see where the water flows from and where it goes.

Then there is the option to keep fish and aquatic plants

which attract other wildlife such as frogs, newts, water boatmen, water beetles, pond skaters etc.

You can also enjoy watching birds wash in the shallows and skim the surface catching insects.

Splash Gordon offer the very best in natural swimming pools

commonly known as swimming ponds.

Partnering with Clear Water Revival gave us the opportunity to use the patented Aquaviva method which was pioneered in Austria by aquatic scientists.

Crystal clear water that is purefied by plants, specialist mineral soils and specialist filter media creates a pool that is beautiful to look at all year round and is clean enough to swim in. These pools have been around for a while in Austria and there are many large public pools and hotel pools, they can also be heated.

They are the ecological way forward for creating naturally crystal clear water for both swimming and architectural pools.

Photo Gallery
Featured Case Study

Buchlivie, Stirlingshire 2004

This natural swimming pool is a real sun trap, enclosed within a beautiful stone wall, over which the water cascades at one point.