Our ponds are made safe

in that the edgings are secure and the base of the pond is flat wherever possible, leading to a secure edge at the side of the pond which is easy to grab hold of and climb out. If we do make a sloping edge then it will be easy to walk up, like a beach.

However, open water can still be dangerous

and it's not advisable if you have toddlers and young children. If you already have a pond, the cheapest option is to fence it off. You can also have a safety grid installed just a few millimetres below the surface, visit for pond grids.

It's possible to create water features without open water

such as drilled boulders with water emerging from them and then draining into hidden reservoirs below. Streams can also have hidden reservoirs and the water in the stream only needs to be 1 centimetre deep.

Please be responsible with water, if you have a pond, make sure that children cannot gain unsupervised access to your garden

Photo Gallery
Featured Case Study

Buchlivie, Stirlingshire 2004

This natural swimming pool is a real sun trap, enclosed within a beautiful stone wall, over which the water cascades at one point.